Refocus Your Holidays

thankful-thanksgiving-food-family-eating-diet-funny-ecard-iKFIt seems that when all of us hit this time of year we are bombarded with images of the holidays. A chill is creeping into the air while Christmas decorations and commercials are everywhere. Also slowly, but surely, something begins popping up on all our social media channels…food. Pictures of food, new recipes, quick holiday appetizers and the like are invading Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram… 

For example, while looking through Facebook the other day, I had five different videos and/or pics of food in the main feed all with a holiday focus and flair. I find myself getting “hungry” just seeing these pics and videos, even if I’ve just eaten! These just add to the struggle, if trying to stay healthy in the holidays wasn’t difficult enough already. 

So what do you do? How about we avoid the fight altogether and this year choose to refocus what gets our attention this season? Check out these suggestions which will help you take control of your health through this celebration season:

  1. Remember the point of the holidays – the food is not what matters most, none of these celebrations were started as an “all you can eat” event. Look for unique ways to enjoy the season and bring attention back to the real purpose and meaning of the season.
  2. Make healthy foods available – you must have healthy options in order to make healthy choices. Bring healthy recipes for others but also for yourself. You will likely make better choices just by having better options available.
  3. Savor the relationships – enjoy those you get to be with this year, look forward to working on and deepening relationships. Their are a number of people you will only see this one time of the year; don’ miss time with them by being in a food coma…
  4. Don’t surrender to the New Year’s Resolution – January 1st is simply another day, getting focused on being healthy can start now just at easily as it can start then. Your health is too important to put off for the beginning of another year. 

While the world around you may be encouraging to live this time of year like everyone else, refocus your choices and explore the holidays from a new perspective. You are in control and you can be a person who exits the holidays healthier than you entered them. Refocus what your holiday season will be about this year and get excited about celebrating in a great, and healthy, new way!

-Mark Cornelison

Small Steps Make a BIG Difference

The small things you do in your health can add up to big changes over time. I have been sharing this concept with a teenager I am consulting with about her eating habits which then got me thinking about how all of us need this encouragement today. You know that those small unhealthy habits that slowly creep in will add up over time. Taking the time to be mindful of these tips can help in the long run and will develop some healthy habits for you daily!

big-changes-in-small-stepsHere are a few “small” things to start today…

1. Don’t drink your calories! Replace soft drinks and energy drinks for water, coffee and tea. Add a little stevia and cinnamon to your coffee and tea instead of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Add lemon to your water to give it a refreshing flavor and give your body some antioxidants.

2. Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water each day! If you weigh 150, drink 75 oz. of water daily. Staying hydrated is so important. Start off your day with 16 oz. of water as soon as you wake up. Also drink 8 oz. of water before bed to keep you hydrated during the night. Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry between meals as well. Often you may think you are hungry while your body is actually telling you it is thirsty!

3. Choose healthy snacks! Replace chips and hot sauce with hummus and carrots; swap out that granola bar for an apple with almond butter. Your body will love the nutrients and feel satisfied so you don’t crave those unhealthy snacks. Many snacks are loaded with sugars and are high in fat. Replacing with healthy snacks will reduce your calories each day and give you more of what your body really needs. 

4. Get up a move everyday! Take a 20 min. walk after dinner each night and a 10 min. walk during your lunch time, this will get you 30 min. of moving each day. Do some squats/push ups/planks while you watch TV at night. Set some free weights by the couch and do some arm workouts during commercials. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you sit at a desk all day…set a timer every hour to get up and move! 

5. Change your plate! When you fill your plate, make vegetables the main attraction with a little carbohydrate and a little protein. This is not the way we usually fill our plates but it will help add nutrients and reduce the number of calories at each meal. 

6. Limit or omit sugar! Sugar has no nutritional value and adds lots of calories. There are many benefits to omitting it from your diet and they far outweigh the delicious taste. As you get rid of sugar, you will began to enjoy flavors more and will love the taste of things you never thought you would. Try omitting it for 2 weeks and see what happens!

Try these few simple suggestions this week and see if it makes a difference. I would love to hear from you about your results of trying these suggestions. Email me at so I can write a blog with your successes, struggles and ideas during the process. This will be a good way to help each other along the way. Don’t forget to add your first and last name to the email so I can mention you in the blog!

If you need new recipes, go to my pinterest board “elimination recipes” to find new healthy recipes! 

And…always remember, making big changes often comes one small step at a time!

-Cathy Cornelison

SweatCor Review – Muscle Roller

If you workout and exercise often then it is important to take time to rehab and heal. If you don’t, you’ll notice those little aches become bigger pains quickly. In order to stay healthy, you need a good muscle roller and this definitely one. I tore a hamstring a number of years ago, and despite all my focus on being fit, it still hurts from time to time. Rollers like these are perfect when I’m hurting, especially when I return from a run or ride.

We were excited when Asana Fitness contacted us and wanted to send us their Muscle Roller Stick for free in exchange for an honest review. It is always important for us to pass on valuable products for our readers. We think this one will have a great deal of value for all of you as you continue focusing on your health and fitness. Check it out:


Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 5.42.05 AMWhat does Asana say about their Muscle Roller Stick?
-The Muscle Roller Stick is for trigger points and and muscle soreness
-It is very effective for muscle rolling, as it makes your muscles feel relaxed after exercise or simply a massage.

-The deep grooved rollers provide a strong massage, which does not require strong pressure
-Prevent injury by warming up and cooling down muscles before and after exercise while increasing body circulation and speed up recovery
-Release tension and pain in muscles in feet, legs, calves, back and arms with deep tissue massage after a long days of work or exercise
-Very effective for post surgery situations as well

The SweatCor Rating?
Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.36.09 AM I am a huge fan of this product and fully believe it is a must have for any fitness enthusiast, expert or beginner. This is a really great quality product and very durable. It is small enough to take when you travel so you never have to be without a good wellness tool.

Learn more about Asana and/or head to Amazon to purchase your Massager Roller today!

Star Wars: The Battle Against Trying…

Yoda from Star WarsThere is no doubt that our family is pretty “geeked” out about the upcoming new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. I’d be lying if I tried to say I don’t tear up just a little every time I watch a new trailer or see another poster. Now understand, I don’t automatically assume that this new one will be awesome…but it definitely has my, and many people around the world’s, attention right now. This series has become iconic and, for me, is deeply connected to growing up.

I remember seeing the first one, A New Hope (which is really the fourth one…send me a message if you need an explanation) in theaters in 1977 and having my mind blown. For almost 40 years I’ve followed this great story and these amazing films which have completely captured two generations of movie-goers.  Read More