In Control?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJcAAAAJDNkZmZlMWMyLTYwMWItNDY2Mi05NDE4LWEzMmFhMTRiZTY0MAI like to be in control. I like to be the leader. The one in charge…making decisions. In any given situation, I find myself gravitating toward that position. It is my personality. My nature. But there is a problem…I’m not in control. There are circumstances that I have no say so in. On a daily basis, I find myself in situations that I cannot dictate the solution.

When I find myself in those places, there are really only two possibilities: 1) I leave the situation or 2) I embrace someone else’s leadership. Read More

It’s Worth It

worthIf I’m really honest with you, I have to say some days I just don’t want to keep trying to focus on my health. Some days are harder than others, sometimes those days drag into weeks and that is when I sometimes reevaluate my decision to keep at it. 

When I’m struggling, I think about one of the most common questions I get about my time on The Biggest Loser, “Would you do it all over again if you had to?” Every single time, I answer with a strong YES! The pain (mentally, physically, and emotionally) during those 6 months was worth every minute because it now means I live a life I never knew existed. Nothing makes this more clear and is a better example than this summer… Read More

Are you vacationing healthy?

shutterstock_211003489Hola! Ruego para cada uno si esta haciendo bien!
(Hello! I pray you are all doing well!)

Vacation time is here! It is great to relax and have some well deserved fun time. But this doesn’t mean we sacrifice eating healthy. You CAN stay healthy while on vacation. It is okay to enjoy some foods that you don’t normally eat or have a special dinner out but if you do this for every meal you will sacrifice your health while on vacation.

You can still stay on a healthy diet even while away from your normal routine. Don’t forget to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and go light on all the carbs. Plan your snacks wisely. Since many of you are like me, I thought a list would be helpful! Below, I have put together things I take with me just in case I can’t find them while on vacation. Read More

“I Refuse To Give Up…”

  • Every now and then it’s good to be reminded that healthy living is possible for everyone! That’s why we at SweatCor are excited to share the story of success that will remind you that you can do it!

    As one who serves others through her work at a fire department in Louisiana, Lori realized that in order to better care for others, she had to stop and take care of herself. Enjoy this story from our new friend!

    13266049_10209416850728768_5134780193100317579_nI decided to lose weight to save my life. It was time to, in essence, dial 911 for myself. I am always saving others, and now I needed to save myself. I started out by going to my regular doctor who continues to monitor me.

    I began by using prepackaged low calorie meals for the first 4 months. Then I removed myself off of that, and started weighing my food, and watching my calories, and intake, which I still do. I did away with all fast food and made it my goal to keep it out of my new life. Originally, I had lots of excuses but I made it my goal to begin making meals for my work, and daily life. Something that I was too lazy to do before. Read More