SweatCor Review – Resistance Bands from WorkoutBands.com

Resistance bands are pretty common in most gyms and fitness centers. They are great for strength training and flexibility exercises. The number of exercises available are virtually limitless. So, have you considered ever getting a set for yourself?

Then today is your day…the great people at WorkoutBands.com sent us a free set of their resistance bands for an honest review and honestly, they are awesome. Check out our review video below!

The SweatCor Rating?
This is a great set of bands which are of great quality for a good price. You can take these just about anywhere and ensure that you never miss a workout whether at home or away. The bands have Five Levels of Resistance: Yellow (2-4 lbs.), Red (3-6 lbs.), Green (10-12 lbs.), Blue (15-20 lbs.), & Black (25-30 lbs.) meaning these bands are ready to progress as soon as you are. You will want to look into getting a set of these for yourself today!

These bands are available online on at Amazon and you should also check out WorkoutBands at their Website as well as on Facebook!

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-The SweatCor Team

Being Successful with Your Health

health-fitnessAs I was studying for my Nutrition Consulting class, I came across something I could not wait to share with each of you. There is an ongoing National Weight Control Registry that was developed by Brown Medical School with thousands of people who have joined who have lost at least 30 pounds and keep it off for at least a year. The researchers do studies on these individuals to help us understand more about successful weight loss.

Their recent survey included more than 3,000 people who have maintained weight loss for an average of 7 years and found similar characteristics in the successful dieters. Here is the list they complied after the survey:

  1. They know their weight weekly.
  2. They are motivated from within
  3. They know what they eat and most of them keep records
  4. They engage in regular moderate exercise (60 to 90 minutes a day)
  5. They have social support (relationships/groups)
  6. They control their intake of alcohol, fat, and sugar
  7. They follow a personalized diet plan – one they can enjoy permanently
  8. They lose no more than a pound or two pounds a week
  9. They set reasonable goals, such as losing just 10% of their weight, as a start
  10. They accept an occasional lapse rather than aiming for perfection
  11. They view weight management as a long-term commitment
    Marie A. Boyle and Sara Long Roth, Personal Nutrition, Eighth Edition (Woodsworth 2013,2010) 317

As you read over the list, do you notice any characteristic you have developed in your healthy eating journey? Do you see things you would like to develop? One thing I notice is that it isn’t a “quick fix”. Not one of the characteristic was about any “miracle food, diet or supplement”. 

It wasn’t until I truly began to understand nutrition and exercise that I have been successful in my healthy lifestyle. As I read through this list, I realized that over the past three years these are the characteristics that have developed in my life. I lost 40 pounds and have kept it off for three years, longer than any other time in my life. I have felt better physically and mentally than I have ever felt before. I can honestly say that these characteristic didn’t happen overnight. It has taken time and has been very challenging. I have failed and still have times of failure. There are times when the old habits want to resurface but now that I know what it feels like to be healthy it is easier to not let myself slip back into those patterns.

“Victory is sweetest when you have known defeat” – Macolm S. Forbes

I want to challenge all of you today to look back over this list and see if you are on the right path to being successful in your weight loss journey. Ask yourself:
– Are you seeking to lose weight quickly or be healthy long term?
– Do you have a personalized diet plan or are you going by someone else’s plan for you?
– Are you trying to do it by yourself or do you have support from others?
– Are you trying to be perfect or realize that sometimes you mess up?
– Are your goal reasonable?

Try each week to add a new characteristic to your healthy journey. Pray for God to help you along the way. I could not have done this without Him! He helps me every day as I seek Him each morning in my prayer “Father, help me today to eat healthy and exercise for the body that you have given me so that I might be able to serve you with all I have. Amen.”

Let this list be an encouragement to you! A healthy life style is achievable! It is not easy or a “quick fix” but it is so worth it!

-Cathy Cornelison

SweatCor Review – Infuser Water Bottles from Live Infinitely

20e6e3c899d1b4b64ff98a3363c48f0738c8e09f One thing we can never emphasize enough is that if you are going to be healthier, then you must brink more water. There is simply no way around this fact. Water can make a world of difference in helping you achieve your health/fitness goals. However, whenever we share this truth often hear the same thing…”I don’t like drinking water…” Well, we have found something that will definitely help!

Check out today’s SweatCor review of a couple of infuser water bottles available from Live Infinitely. These guys sent us these free for an honest review and we believe this will be something you will want to have.

aaedb791df8c9be4a0b78f3b02fa0214ac60f9d7The SweatCor Rating?
Both of these infuser water bottles were great. Super quality, easy to use, and easy to clean. These are a fantastic way to get a little flavor and more antioxidants/vitamins into your water every day. Don’t waste money on flavored waters any longer. Grab one of these water bottles and do it yourself. You will be glad you did!

Mark or Cathy’s Live Infinitely Water bottles are available online on at Amazon. You can also check them out on their Website or on Facebook!

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