Just Tired…

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.24.52 AM2016 isn’t new anymore. It’s the second week of February, New Year’s Resolutions are a thing of the past, life is moving along and some of you are already feeling the “rut”‘ calling. All that passion and excitement which started your adventure of health, is maybe starting to fade or is already gone completely. Life has a way of wearing us out when we try to do something different than what we’ve created as our norm. After working for a while you just feel tired of trying. 

Making a change is hard. It doesn’t matter how good or exciting it may be for you. Change still means leaving what you know to be familiar and developing a new normal. When that change involves our health, it can seem even harder. Think about this:
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Inside Out

dirty-coffee-cup-2-3-detail-1547243Over the past several weeks, Mark and I have been trying out an elimination diet. An elimination diet is where you eliminate the seven foods that can cause inflammation and allergies in our bodies. These foods include eggs, corn, dairy, gluten, peanuts, soy, and sugar. Yes, we are crazy! You are thinking to yourself “No way! I would never do that.” and “What in the world can you even eat?” Believe me…these were the thoughts going through our heads as well.

So why would we do such a thing? I have several clients referred by a doctor that are doing the same diet so I decided I needed to do it to understand it better. I can’t really help them if I haven’t tried it myself. Mark decided to do it with me. He is such a great sport about being my “guinea pig”…Bless his heart! 

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Hitting Reset

resetbuttonEver feel like you need to hit the “reset” button? I know I do at times. A couple of months ago, I was in that spot. I had been busy, and was tired. I lacked focus. So I took a week and went to a health resort.

I needed to get away from all the busyness of life and make sure I was thinking about my physical health. Whenever I get too busy, I have to be careful to make sure I’m taking time to stay healthy.

It occurs to me that whenever I take these “time-outs,” I struggle with guilt. Thoughts come to me like: you should be with your family, or you should already have things figured out so you wouldn’t need these times. Read More

That Long Stretch of Road…

Camp EagleCathy and I had a great time this past weekend as I spoke at a beautiful retreat center named Camp Eagle. We continue to find ourselves seeing new places and people as we get these opportunities. While most of the time we are heading to an airport, this particular retreat was within driving distance (6 hours is driving distance in Texas…), so we got up early and hit the road.

Even when I know where I’m going, I’ll often use the GPS on my phone just so I have a more accurate idea of how much time and miles are left on a trip. As I did this for this journey, something confused me. We were in the last leg of the trip with 40 miles to go but the GPS estimated it would take over an hour to get there. Doing the math in my head something didn’t add up. But when we hit our turn off to the last 8 miles of the trip it all made sense.
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