Which Pain is Greatest?

Mr-Rogers“There is no normal life that is free of pain.
It’s the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth.” 

I saw this quote recently and it was the thing that helped me decide to write today’s post. Believe it or not this wise statement was said by none other than Mr. Rogers himself. Not exactly the kind of stuff I remember from the man that I watched daily as a child…but he is absolutely right.

Too many of us pursue a fantasy. We believe that the most important thing in life is being happy. Pain interrupts that happiness so we try as we might to avoid anything that might be painful. But there is purpose in the pain. 

Herein lies a truth that is the key to long term success in our health (and really in anything). In order for long term adjustments to be made, the pain of staying where you are must be greater than the perceived pain of changing. In other words, you choose your pain; the pain of staying the same or the pain of making changes.

At a recent speaking event, a lady came to Cathy and me asking what she could do to make her husband decide to get healthy. Unfortunately, the answer was “nothing”. As with all of us, he won’t change until he wants to. We explained that she should pray that he comes to the realization that the pain of changing won’t be as bad as the pain of living life as he is. Until that point comes in his mind, there was nothing she could do. It was a hard conversation but it’s one we’ve had many times.

As tough as this truth is, there is hope! Jesus told us clearly, “In this world you will have trouble…” Life is hard but He doesn’t leave it there, “…but take heart for I have overcome the world!” John 16:33. Pain is part of life, but we choose what that pain will be AND even in the midst of that pain we can lean on the fact that He understands! 

Where are you today? Which pain is greater?
Do you want to get healthy but just see the change as too much, too overwhelming?
Or are you in a place where you don’t care what lies ahead of you, but you do know that it is time to make a change?

If the first is true then pray that the One who understands your pain will move you to a place of desiring change.
If the second describes you, then pray for strength to move in a direction that will lead to lasting change and the full life God has for you.

We are here to help! No matter where you are right now, we invite you to connect with this community of people who understand the struggle on both sides of the of the battle. You are not alone. Become the you that you are meant to be…despite the pain.

-Mark Cornelison

Taking Action

se_habla_espanol-640x250I’ve been working on my Spanish for a while now (10+ years…don’t judge me…). I took classes in college and have done a number of online things as well as tried various cool apps to help. It continues to get better but I’m far from fluent. My work allows me to  travel, fairly regularly, to Spanish speaking countries and so I’m always in one of two places:

- About to head on a trip so I do a crash course in the language to brush up a little…

- Or just back from a trip and I have a desire to be better and hope that my next trip will be different than my last trip.

Unfortunately, neither of these lead to long-term Spanish speaking success. I’m a sporadic learner at best. Recently, I really began to look at why I’m this way and it’s a pretty simple answer, I don’t take action and use what I’ve learned regularly. This truth was made real to me by one of the translators I met on a trip.

Often, when I meet new translators I like to ask them how they learned English. Somewhere in their answer there is hope that I can eventually learn Spanish. During the conversation they said something I’ve heard before but never connected with, they found others who wanted to learn English and they practiced together. Whether they learned from watching TV/movies, listening to music in English, or in classes at their country’s university; the connector is always the same…they found others with a similar desire and worked on it together. Their learning went beyond the classroom and found it’s way into real life.

As always, this got me thinking about this health journey we all share. If you were asked what does it take to get healthy; most (if not all of you) would say eat healthy and exercise, right? But here is the problem, many know the answers but they don’t take action to utilize what they know is true. In fact, many treat their health the way I’ve treated my Spanish:

- Something is coming up and you want to look good so you do a crash or fad diet to see some quick results…

- Or something has happened that made you have a desire to do better and so you start again hoping this time won’t turn out like last time.

But here is the missing piece, you must take action. You must find others that have the same desire and practice together. Learn from each other. You need others to keep you going. 

I will never learn Spanish by working on it by myself. My learning must be taken out and applied in an environment where I can act on it and grow in it. The same is true of your health journey. Take action now to become fluent in long-term healthy living. Together we will do it.

¡Hasta luego! (That means, “See you soon”…)

-Mark Cornelison

SweatCor Review – Garmin VivoFit

The SweatCor review loves to share with you about foods, apps, and products that will aid in your goal of living a healthy life. There is so much out there that we hope to help you wade through the health/fitness offerings and find what will benefit you the most. This week, the awesome people at VivoFit sent us out one of their fitness bands to check out. We are excited to share our thoughts with you on this piece of fitness tech!

Garmin VivoFit Fitness Band
*The good people at Garmin sent us a VivoFit free of charge for an honest review.all1

There are a lot of fitness bands out there and the Vivofit is a great, simple, choice. But it’s much more than just a pedometer. It counts steps, tracks distance traveled, shows estimated calories burned, displays how many steps are left towards your daily goal, tracks your sleep and tells the time.

It is a fairly simple band but it does do one thing that is pretty cool, it encourages hourly movement. A red bar shows up if you’ve been sitting for an hour, and it will continue to get longer every 15 minutes after that. But once you get up and walk around for a while the bar will disappear. Only downside is that you do need to look at it every now and then because it does not have a vibration feature like other bands have.

The band syncs with pretty much any smartphone or tablet via a downloadable Garmin Connect app, or syncs with a Mac or PC with a wireless USB dongle.  The Vivofit syncs activity data with its app and in the cloud, and will track your daily, weekly and monthly progress. It auto-adjusts your daily goals up or down based on whether you hit them or not. It learns from you. If you don’t meet goals it will adjust them for you, in our opinion there is good and bad to this. 

-Easy to use
-Widely compatible to computer, phone, or tablet
-Serves as a watch as well

-Nice look with a great variety of colors
-Sleep tracking is a nice added benefit

-Very reasonably priced ($80-$120) for a fitness band

-No vibration reminder
-It can display your heart rate but only with the purchase of a separate heart rate monitor

The SweatCor Rating?
Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.35.56 AMFor the person looking to get active, this is a great place piece of equipment to help get going. If you are looking for a solid fitness band that will give you that little extra motivation, then the VivoFit is worth checking out!

They are available in most stores as well as online. Also, check out their WEBSITE as well as look for them on Facebook and Twitter!

-The SweatCor Team